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This resource library has been created to facilitate the sharing of information with all interested parties in a timely and controlled way for use in presentations where Nadcap and other PRI programs are referenced. For that reason, there is no branding on these modules and they are deliberately concise: they are not intended to be stand-alone presentations. The information is updated regularly but if you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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Nadcap Meetings

  October 2017 Pittsburgh Nadcap Meeting
Click here to view eQuaLearn's involvement during the October 2017 Pittsburg Nadcap Meeting

Quality Articles and Business Improvement Advice and Links

  Introduction to PRI/Nadcap
Introduction to PRI/Nadcap in English - is a free training webinar that was developed in August 2004 to assist suppliers in preparation efforts for initial Nadcap audits. The training is conducted by PRI Staff. PRI believes the information provided during these sessions and the interaction between companies will aid you in your goal of achieving Nadcap Accreditation
  Introduction to PRI/Nadcap in French
  Introduction to PRI/Nadcap in German
  Internal Auditing
  Creating an Effective Internal Auditing Program - an eQuaLTip that provides an overview of the key elements of internal auditing
  Root Cause Corrective Action
  Root Cause Corrective Action - Nadcap Style - a whitepaper that details the RCCA process and expectations
  Problem Solving Tools - Do you know which to use when?
  8D Problem Solving
  8D Problem Solving - this article by Martin Bridge explains the need for 8D Problem Solving training and the content of the course offered by eQuaLearn
  Contract Review for Aerospace Suppliers
  Contract Review (Process and Quality Planning) - this article was written by William Corcoran, Esq. (September 2017)
  AS9100 Revision D - Changes
  AS9100 Highlights - PRI Nadcap Staff Engineer, Susan Frailey's article "Ready, Set...Transition 9100:2016 Highlights clarifies the key changes to the newest revision of AS/EN/JISQ9100:2016. These changes are addressed in eQuaLearn's AS9100 full day course and three hour webinar training session.

Commodity Articles and Links

  Heat Treating
  eQuaLearn Heat Treating Webinars - A Cost-Efficient Way to Get the Specialist Training Onsite - an overview of our Heat Treating webinars series
  eQuaLearn is an Approved Training Provider for Pyrometry - eQuaLearn is the first eQualified approved training provider in Heat Treating. What does that mean for your Heat Treat training needs?
  What You Need to Know About Pyrometry Essentials - this article by Martin Bridge explains the need for this additional course on the AMS2750E and who should attend this training
  AMS2750E Thermocouple requirements Part 1 - Introduction and Basics, by Tom Murphy (March 2017)
  AMS2750E Thermocouple requirements Part 2 - Calibration Frequency and Accuracy, by Tom Murphy (May 2017)
  AMS2750E Thermocouple requirements Part 3 - Recalibration and Reuse Restrictions, by Tom Murpjy (September 2017)
  Chemical Processing
  Chemical Processing - Science of Engineering - this article about eQuaLearn's Chemical Processing: The Science and Engineering of Anodizing was written by Bill Corcoran in September 2016
  Non-Destructive Testing
Two articles by Linda Beene about the AC7114 Rev I changes
2 - NDT AC7114 Checklist Questions (September 2016)
  Measurement & Inspection
  Measurement & Inspection - eQuaLearn is launching this new course in 2016
  The 3 Most Common Types of Welding Audit NCRs - article written by Gabriel Kustra, PRI Staff Engineer (March 2017)

Management Advice and Links

  How to Get the Most from Training - tips to reinforce learning
  Strategies for Modern Leaders - how to recognize the value of training as part of company culture
  Learning how to learn - ten steps to help organisations maximise the impact of learning
  Improving Employee Engagement - a study on how to engage your employees through training in order to boost productivity
  Nadcap Audit Preparation Timeline - an eQuaLTip that provides an overview of the steps required to successfully achieve Nadcap accreditation
  How to Promote your Nadcap Accreditation - an eQuaLTip that provides tips on how to effectively communicate your accredited status to customers, colleagues and the industry

PRI News and Links

  About PRI - background on the Performance Review Institute and information on business solutions
  Performance Review Institute - visit the website of the Performance Review Institute for more unique business solutions
  SAE International - your one-stop resource for standards development, and technical information and expertise used in designing, building, maintaining, and operating self-propelled vehicles for use on land or sea, in air or space

"My only regret is that I wish I would have attended this class sooner!"
Jan Schiltz, Quality Manager, AADFW

"I have attended many classes over the last 50 years in aerospace and this was one of the best classes."
Robert Callahan, Winsted Ball Precision Co.

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