The Internal Auditor & Internal Audit System

eQuaLearn can help! We have re-invented the approach to Internal Audit training. With two new courses "The Internal Auditor" and “Internal Audit System” you can streamline your training based on your staff.

  • Need help designing your Internal Audit System?
  • Struggling with balancing internal audits with your regular daily routine?
  • Want better success during your Nadcap special process audits?

The Internal Auditor course  walks the viewer through the process of choosing, training, and managing internal auditors. In other words it puts the internal audit system into action by presenting the "How To" of performing internal audits and what to do with the results. It not only provides training for internal auditors, but for the entire action team.

The Internal Audit System course walks the viewer through the process of building a new internal audit system or starting over after a catastrophic failure of the Internal Audit System. Those in attendance will learn how to structure the essential elements of the system for success. It also explains the vital relationship between Quality and Management which is essential to a successful system. 

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The Internal Auditor:
Duration: 1 day
Cost: $500.00 USD
Who Should Attend? Attendees should include members of management as well as the principle staff charged with building your Internal Audit System. Internal auditors could also benefit from this course depending on the role you assign to your internal auditors.

Internal Audit System:
Duration: 1 day
Cost: $500.00 USD 
Who Should Attend? Attendees should include the principle staff charged with building your Internal Audit System as well as those chosen to be internal auditors. 

Bonus:Free PRI Perspective on Creating an Effective Internal Auditing Program
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Participants Receive:
Morning Refreshments, Lunch, Course Material and Certificate of Completion.

What are the instructors' qualifications and experience?
eQuaLearn courses are taught by subject matter experts and qualified leaders in Quality. An average instructor has more than 15 years of experience in the quality industry and an established background in the subject matter they teach.

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Upcoming Dates

Troy, MI (I.A.S)
21 Nov 19
Birmingham, UK  22 Nov 19 
* Class conducted in local language
** Class interpreted into local language
^ Not yet open for registration

"My only regret is that I wish I would have attended this class sooner!"
Quality Manager, AADFW

"I have attended many classes over the last 50 years in aerospace and this was one of the best classes."
Representative, Winsted Ball Precision Co.

"Sending my employees to the Root Cause Corrective Action training was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. We have a clear understanding of the task at hand which is a stress reliever."
President, Advanced Welding Technologies

"This is the best explanation on the systematic, logical steps to be followed to lead to proper RCCA."
Representative, Aerosud Aviation

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